The first pan European broker.

In 2013 DEGIRO launched its online brokerage services in the Netherlands. Since then, DEGIRO has expanded across 18 European countries enabling retail investors to benefit from a highly competitive commission structure. As a result, DEGIRO has quickly become one of the largest brokers in Europe.

DEGIRO Amsterdam


DEGIRO seeks to make custom made financial planning and finance affordable for everyone around the globe.


By combining technology and financial know-how, DEGIRO creates cutting-edge and cost efficient financial services for everyone.

Innovation is at the core of our business.

While many competitors are stuck in their ways, at DEGIRO we embrace innovation from our unique offerings, below are the four pillars which we have built our business around.


Global Access

Through DEGIRO, European investors are connected to the world’s markets. Unlike our competitors, many of whom only offer access to European and US exchanges, DEGIRO also offers access to markets in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and many more across the globe. This provides clients with the opportunity to benefit from a truly global diversification of assets.


In-house development

In conjunction with its competitive pricing and a large selection of markets, DEGIRO also undertakes the innovative development of innovative trading tools. All of our platforms are developed in-house and tailored around the needs of our clients. Currently 300,000 clients are contributing to a better trading environment while simultaneously reaping the benefit of low commission and access to global exchanges. Never has it been so easy to achieve a well-diversified portfolio on a global scale.


Reducing Costs

DEGIRO were originally set up to facilitate institutional clients, this allows DEGIRO access to wholesale fees. Seeing the injustice of institutional’ s being able to benefit from wholesale fees but retail investors seeing no benefit, DEGIRO launched its platform to fight this injustice. Furthermore, DEGIRO offers an online-only platform, which allows further cost reductions to our clients. This platform is underpinned by state-of-the-art connectivity and server infrastructure, making the DEGIRO platform perfect for investors of all sizes who manage their portfolios online.


Regulated Brokerage Service

DEGIRO B.V. is authorised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) to act as an investment firm and has been granted a license pursuant to article 2:96 of the Act on Financial Supervision in the Netherlands. The regulatory capital requirements of DEGIRO are under prudential supervision of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). DEGIRO has its registered office and statutory seat in Amsterdam in accordance with its articles of association. DEGIRO is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Amsterdam under number 34342820.

Our story

  • 2013

    Launch of DEGIRO

    In 2013 DEGIRO introduced Dutch retail clients to the possibility of investing with institutional fees. Making global trading accessible and affordable.

  • 2014

    Expansion to 9 countries

    In 2014 DEGIRO began their expansion, offering services within 9 European countries. DEGIRO also strengthened their Dutch market by winning the ‘Best Broker’ award.

  • 2015

    DEGIRO enters North Europe & Italy

    2015 brought the continued expansion across Northern Europe and Italy, winning many international awards along the way, including the prestigious “Golden Bull Award” in the Netherlands.

  • 2016

    Largest broker in the Netherlands

    In 2016 DEGIRO, became the largest online broker in the Netherlands in terms of transactions per year handled. And brought Switzerland into the DEGIRO family making it the 18th country to benefit from low transaction fee trading.

  • 2017

    More than 200,000 clients

    In 2017 DEGIRO surpassed 200,000 clients and became one of the five largest brokers in Europe based on transactions per year. DEGIRO continued to win a number of awards including Best Broker in Germany from the Handelsblatt Broker Comparison.

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